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Research Resources by County

Family Search has compiled an extraordinary list of research sources by county - maps, tax records, newspapers, church records, etc. If you are stumped - this site will give you an idea where to look.


Our Local Online Favorites

Henry Muhlenberg

The Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg  translated into English

Volume I  Search Only  

Volume II   Search Only 

Volume III Full  Text and Search 


The Correspondance of Heinrich Melchior Muhlenberg

Translation of: Die Korrenspondenz Heinrich Melchior Mühlenbergs

Volume II Search Only  


Baptism Marriage Confirmation and Burrial Records

Matricul of the Augustus Ev. Luth. congregation of New Providence, Pennsylvania, usually called the Old Trappe church, 1729-1777 ... Part 1. Baptisms.

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Augustus Ev. Lutheran Church, Trappe, Pa. : record of marriages, confirmations and burials, with a list of the contributors to pastor's salary, Nov. 27, 1760

Full View begins on page 476 (1730 - 1775)



Dewees Family

The Dewees family; geneaolgical data, biographical facts and historical information collected by Mrs. Philip E. La Munyan; Ellwood Roberts, editor.

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Dewees Tavern Owners (David and Maria Dewees) by J. Warren Royer


The Perkiomen Region, Past and Present.  Published 1895

Henry Sassaman Dotterer

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III not available online



 Gen. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg