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From the Historical Society

The Wagonmaster's Journal - Henry Vanderslice.  Digitized, from the Collection of the Society.

The General and his Slaves at the Muhlenberg House

From the Journals of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg 1777

History of the Muhlenberg Family Bible

Refuge from the War

Portative Organ at Dewees Tavern Museum

Preservation of the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg House – Heritage Day 2013


Excerpts from Upper Providence Township: Bean's 1884 History of Montgomery County, PA


Upper Providence Township - information on Trappe, Collegeville (Freeland, Perkiomen Bridge), Port Providence, and Mont Clare.  

Churches of Upper Providence Township  information on pastors, principal families, and cemetaries.  

Augustus Lutheran Church, St Luke's Reformed Church, Friends Meetinghouse, Providence Mennonite Church, St Paul's Memorial Church, Trinity Christian Church, Dunkard Meeting House at Green Tree.

Prominent Personages Muhlenberg, Shunk, Swaine, Mittelberger, Bringhurst, Fry, Royer, and more.