Preservation of the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg House

Heritage Day 2013 excerpt

Back in 1988 a number of visionaries in The Society imagined the possibility of
enshrining the legacy of Pastor Henry Melchior Muhlenberg right here in Trappe
where his life in the colonies began in 1742 and ended in 1787. The home of
Frederick and Violet Grimison may soon have to pass to others and, fearful that it
would end up like so many other historic treasures in our area, it was felt that this
should not, and could not, happen to me.


The die was cast in 1989 when Mrs. Grimison’s health required the sale of her
home. In a bold move, The Society negotiated my purchase and, with broad support
from its members and friends throughout the region, was able to pay off my
mortgage in a year. The rest, as they say, “Is History”. Much hard work was done
to save me and restore my structure and appearance to those days when
Muhlenbergs filled my rooms, tilled my grounds and dressed my orchards.
Many of those facets of the family’s life remain to be uncovered.


But one thing is certain: The hard work and support of many individuals and 
organizations recognized when my restoration was celebrated in 1998 has 
not been in vain! You are the firm foundation on which my future is assured.
As bare rooms are care-fully furnished with 18th century pieces, some of which
generously provided by Pastor and Anna Maria’s descendants, I am becoming more
and more the home in which the Muhlenberg Spirit still resides.