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VandersliceHenry Vanderslice served in the Revolutionary War alongside General Muhlenberg and General Washington.  He was responsible for the wagons that moved supplies to the troops as far away as New Jersey.  The Vanderslice Journal is filled with names, dates, and places (mostly in the form of receipts) but, at times, it’s difficult to read.

If you enjoy working with primary sources, can read older script, and might recognize some of the names in this journal we would welcome you to add to the comments in this album.   If you do, please send us an email so we can enjoy your efforts!  You will notice pages out of order, it was used front to back and back to front and blank pages were left as well.

Vanderslice Journal on Google+

Here is what the Historical Society of Pennsylvania archivists wrote about our journal.



This is what “History of Berks County,Pennsylvania” printed in 1894 had to say about Vanderslice.  Surprisingly, they do not mention his military service.

1894 entry on Vanderslice