Why Volunteer at the Historical Society?Welcome 2

  • To meet people who share your interests
  • To share a special skill or talent
  • To learn about your community and it's history
  • To try something you have never done before
  • To gain experience, build skills, increase your knowledge
  • For the great feeling of knowing you have helped
  • To escape from the problems of the day
  • To be appreciated
  • For the flexibility of working at our museums or from home
  • To make a difference


Who Are Our Volunteers?

Students, Scouts, Community Members - all ages, many interests, diverse talents.



What Projects and Activities are Available?

Our organization is in a period of rapid change and we are enthusiastically preparing for the 300th Anniversary of Trappe.

Here is a partial list of projects volunteers might want to become involved with:

  • Oral History Project - Preserve the memories of long time residents on video
  • Transcribe hand written documents like the Vanderslice Journal
  • Sew period costumes for our events (and maybe even wear them.....)
  • Plan Events
  • Contribute content to this website - Historic Structures, Local History
  • Give Tours of our museums
  • Create a timeline of local history
  • Digitize Documents
  • Photograph Artifacts
  • Sew Curtains
  • Teach Classes
  • Develop self guided cell phone audio tours
  • Locate (online, other historical societies, friends, family) historic photos of our area and digitize them so they can be enjoyed on this website.
  • Work in our period vegetable garden behind the Muhlenberg House.
  • Dust
  • Create informative signs for exhibits

The list goes on.....if you have some time to share, we have a project for you !!!


Do you need to know about History to Volunteer?

Absolutely not....but it helps if you find it interesting.


How do I begin?

Give us a call 610-489-7560 or send us an email  info@TrappeHistoricalSociety.org